The Art of Craft Beer - Opening Night

Saturday, July 14, 2018 - 7:00pm
Kehler Liddell Gallery
873 Whalley Avenue
New Haven, CT 06515

The 16oz. Canvas - the Art of Craft is a niche art, design and beer podcast that each weeks showcases different artists and designers in the craft beer community about their story, process and insight into all aspects of their career. This event brings a unique opportunity to bring this artistic adventure to life in New Haven, CT

Come join us for this unique event as we bring together some of your favorite guests from the podcast, the artists and designers that help bring your favorite beers and breweries to life, live in 3-D!

Our show will feature some of their label work, non craft beer creations as well as the ability to buy prints and pieces from their collections. During the two week run we will have live music, family events and much more. Proceeds from the run will benefit the CT ASRC (Austism Services and Resources Connecticut) which is an amazing group in CT that has helped so many families over the years with support and insight. We know personally the power of this organization and am proud to have them as part of this project.

Daniel Endicott of Forest & Main Brewing Company - featured on Episode 24
Jess Graham Studio - Art Director for The Alchemist - featured on Episode 7
Steve McDonald - Creative Director at Burlington Beer Company - featured on Episode 40
Dean McKeever - Tree House Brewing Co., INC & Vitamin Sea Brewing - featured on Episode 4
Heidi Geist of the The Studio of the Collective Unconscious & amazingly too many individual breweries to list out - featured on Episode 11
Craig Gilbert of New England Brewing Co. - featured on Episode 5
Lisa Kosarko Sotero of Stony Creek Beer - featured on Episode 20
Kevin Cimo of Fair Folk & Trillium Brewing Company - featured on Episode 31
Howell Golson Illustration of Wicked Weed Brewing & New Belgium Brewing - featured on Episode 8