Flair Fair

Saturday, September 16, 2017 - 12:00pm
Lyric Hall
827 Whalley Avenue
New Haven, CT 06515
Flair Fair is vendor market bringing people and makers together. We celebrate the modern resurgence of pins, patches, buttons and more as a vehicle for artists to accessibly get their work out there. The best part is these items are wearable, and people can mix ‘n match them to customize their personal style. One can own collectible pieces of art, express themselves, and mingle with fellow fans and creatives all at Flair Fair!
What is flair?
“Flair” is the fun and expressive details you add to your style (and your home). That DIY button on your bag? Flair. That cute pin attached to your coat lapel? That’s some fancy flair. Your favorite patch sewn onto your vintage denim jacket? Definitely flair. These little embellishments are an easy and customizable way to express oneself.
Flair Fair specializes in featuring pins, patches, and buttons—but also items ranging from keychains to zines. These inexpensive items make unique gifts for friends, loved ones, and yourself—while also supporting independent artists + designers.
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