Chip in a Bottle is a chocolate confectionery specializing in unique and flavorful desserts, ranging from hand crafted truffles, colorful delicate macarons, silky gelato, and decadent cheesecakes.  There will be a constantly rotating display of items available, to ensure only the finest products, with the freshest ingredients are on our shelves. We are pleased to announce that we will be providing Wi-Fi for customers to get comfortable as they enjoy their treats. Espresso drinks and hot chocolate are also available for purchase.  Every dessert is made with delicate technique and infused with passion. We hand paint all of the chocolate, churn the gelato, and carefully form our French macarons to perfection. All of our confections are made in house.. There is an artistry to the chocolates; you want to frame it almost as much as you want eat it. Only the best ingredients are used to fit the exquisite profiles for these sweet treats. Our recipes call for fresh fruits, slow steeping teas and coffee, and high end chocolates imported from France, Belgium, and Switzerland.  All items are preservative free, and we offer a number of treats that are made with gluten free ingredients, to ensure that all of our customers can find something they will enjoy. We also offer an ability to customize throughout our line of products to provide a product that will match our patrons’ ideal tastes or dietary needs. We have gone beyond the classics, like the chocolate chip cookie, by utilizing a wide spectrum of high quality options. Now you can try a cookie with Valrhona Azélia chocolate chips - a creamy, hazelnut infused milk chocolate. Or sample a Caramelia Croquant truffle, made with silky, caramel infused Valrhona chocolate, with bits of chocolate covered shortbread for an added crunch. Or have a steaming cup of hot chocolate, made with real Callebaut milk chocolate as the base, ensuring that every sip will be full of rich, chocolaty flavor.  Order your perfect blends online!
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