Gar Waterman’s sculpture explores organic form.  A combination of observation of natural phenomena, sensual devotion to the tactile possibilities of material, and a model maker's tinkering sensibility inform his work. He grew up in Princeton, New Jersey, with a formative year in Tahiti at the age of 9 to 10, where his father, pioneer underwater film maker Stan Waterman, documented the adventure in a National Geographic Special. Waterman’s daily contact was with the exotic flora of the Polynesian landscape and the barrier reefs of the South Pacific, with their hydrodynamic fish, rays, sharks, and corals. After college at Dartmouth, Waterman moved to Pietrasanta, Italy, where he lived for seven years and learned to carve stone. A foundation of ocean imagery experienced first hand over a lifetime of diving infuses his sculpture with marine forms, from fish, nudibranchs, and squid to the spiral perfection of shells. 

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