Thank you to all our Village People - the individuals and families who have made generous membership contributions to the Westville Village Renaissance Alliance! You help make the Village a great place to live, work, and play! Click HERE to join or renew your membership today.

1677 SOCIETY ($500+)
Nancy Alexander & Phil Bernstein 
Bob & Kate Bradley
Pat Dillon and Jack Hughes
Lisa Brandes & Scott McLean 
Ethel & Abe Lapides Foundation

BURGHERS ($200-500)

Ian and Rachel Alderman
Dennis and Susan Lemar
Amy C Justice and Joseph T. King,
Melinda Popowitz
Marjorie Rosenthal

DENIZENS ($100-200)

Dudley and Stephanie Andrew
Nancy Berliner and Alan Plattus
Rebecca Borne
Martha Brogan
Ilona and Michael Emmerth
Eric Epstein and Karyn Gilvarg
Chris Heitmann + Cyra Levenson
Julia Chaffe and Aric Isaacs
Karen Klein
Keiran Colman
Matthew Higbee and Nicole Fleur
Pat and Konrad Kalba
Ben Mattison
Holly and Bill Nardini
Susan Papa and David Schatz 
Troy and Zoe Resch
Frank Sariani
Lisa Stanger
Torin and Patricia Thurston
Phil and Jenn Tombaugh

FAMILIES ($50-99)

Jean Agnew and Rita Margaret Rack
Stephanie Andrew
Carole Bass
Gene Berger and Alida Engel
Meg Bloom and Linda Drazen
Amy Boratko
Janet Brodie and Don Wunderlee
Laura Brown and Filippo Santoro
Ella Calcotte and Rick Feinberg
Ellen Cohen and Steven Fraade
Harvey and Susan Feinberg
Liz Cox and Dave Gibson
William and Diane Dow
Harvey and Susan Feinberg
Geraldine Frankel
Claudia and Bill Goodridge
Dan Gries
Larry and Gail Hall
Tim Holahan
Karen Klein
Adam Marchand
Maria Mauldon
Patricia and Joseph Negro
Anne Olcott
Carroll + Stan Possick
Diane and Harvey
Maria Mauldon
Patricia and Joseph Negro
Anne Olcott
Carroll + Stan Possick
Diane and Harvey Ruben
Charlie and Thabisa Rich
James and Barbara Segaloff
Randall Rode Robert Silverstein
Merle and Steve Waxman
Leon J Weil
Kristin Wiley
Rachel and Stephen Wizner
Marc Wortman
Shoshana Zax


Nancy and Albert Ahern
Charlotte Anderholt and Matthew Schmidt
Caryn Azoff
Rebekah Basquette
Elaine Battles
Marsha Beller
Tom Ciancia
Sally Connelly
Nicholas Corvi
Katharine Goodbody
Mary Haussler
Charlotte R Hitchcock
Erica Holahan
Robert and Carla Horwitz
Cathy Jackson
Marisa Kalt
Susan Klein and Henry Lowendorf
Sara Mag
Claire-Bette Newman
Marion Sachdeva
Allison Shapiro
Pat Syvertsen
Maria Tupper
Bethany Wilder