Virtual Gardening Series at NHS

Repeats every 6 weeks every Saturday until Sat Mar 19 2022.
Wednesday, January 12, 2022 - 12:00pm
Neighborhood Housing Services
333 Sherman Avenue
New Haven, CT 06515

Are you a gardener who can't wait for Spring? Join our 6-class organic vegetable gardening series with Advanced Master Gardener Rachel Ziesk About this event Are you or a loved one a gardener who can't wait for the ground to thaw? Prepare for Spring with our 6-class organic vegetable gardening series taught by Advanced Certified Master Gardener Rachel Ziesk! All classes are virtual and take place on Saturdays from 10:00am to 12:00pm. For many New Haven residents, food security is elusive. We like to do our part in helping neighbors grow fresh, healthy organic produce, in soil that’s been tested for lead and other contaminants. That’s why every year we offer this series for free to New Haven community gardeners, and we offer a help-a-neighbor rate for those who would like to help us make additional scholarships available. February 12: Soils and Composting - The most important component for a successful garden is soil health. Learn how to make your own compost and everything else you need to keep your soil healthy for the most productive garden. February 19: Garden Planning & Season Extenders - Ensure a long and productive growing year with row covers, organic mulch, cold frames and more! Get the most out of even a small garden space. February 26: Cool Weather Crops - Start your garden as soon as the soil thaws, even in mid-March! This class covers how and when to plant cool weather crops and manage their pests and diseases. March 5: Warm Weather Crops - Learn how to make the best of our growing season including which warm weather crops are best started indoors, which can be direct seeded, what conditions and fertilizers each crop prefers and how to fight their pests and diseases organically. March 12: Seed Starting - Start your own seedlings! Learn about when to start indoor seedlings, watering, using lights, and dealing with common problems. We will also review which crops can be planted directly outdoors and when. March 19: Essential Flowers & Herbs for Vegetable Gardens - Flowers and herbs attract pollinators and beneficial insects to help keep your garden healthy and productive. Learn about the best flowers and herbs for your garden, how to plant them and the conditions they need to help you in your garden.