“More Is More” Takes A Trip Down Memory Lane

July 9, 2019, by Lucy Gellman- "On one end of Kehler Liddell Gallery, musician Pat Benatar is looking straight out at the viewer. Her name floats above her head in thick, stenciled letters, so punchy they might have been colored in with someone’s sticky red and mauve lipstick. Paint splatters surround her body in yellow and purple. She’s been Warholized: spiky hair in black and neon blue, eyes accented with vivid pink, mouth turned to a sultry, slanted pink-and-blue line. Or maybe she’s been Corsillo-ized, by an artist who has defined pop culture while working for decades behind the scenes. The piece is part of More Is More, a sweeping and delicious look at the work of graphic designer and Westvillian George Corsillo, now one half of Design Monsters with the multimedia artist and his wife Susan McCaslin. After opening July 5, the show runs through Aug. 18. An opening reception and artist’s talk is planned for July 13 from 3 to 6 p.m.; more information is available at the gallery’s website..." Click HERE to comment and continue reading.

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