Skateboarders Envision All-Weather 24/7 Park

The New Haven Independent- "Skateboarders young and old envisioned stairs, an awning, and 24/7 lights as they met with city officials to map out a plan for a $250,000 renovation of their park. City officials invited the skateboarders to the public meeting Wednesday night at Edgewood Park’s Coogan Pavilion to dream and scheme about the upcoming renovation, which comes out of an $800,000 state grant (from federal American Rescue Plan Act money) the city has received for upgrades throughout the park. The skate park is set to be designed and constructed by Rampage, a Bridgeport-based skate shop and equipment company. Rampage’s owner, Dave Peterson, was also in attendance Wednesday night, eagerly chatting with local skaters about their vision for the skate park. After a brief introduction from City Architect Kat Jacobs and City Engineer Giovanni Zinn, attendees got to work discussing their ideas in small groups. Officials provided attendees with pre-existing designs, graphing paper, and pencils so they could sketch out their vision for the new skate park. (This is a reprise of a successful previous city-skater process in 2017 that led to renovations.) The city was very positive about investing in the skate park, and that’s a testament to you guys,” said Zinn, encouraging the attendees to share their suggestions regardless of affordability concerns..." Click HERE to commment and read full article.

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