Advocates press for West Haven Marginal Drive restoration: ‘Right now, it’s just a dumping ground’

May 8, 2022, by Brian Zahn- "Its name may be Marginal, but Kathie Hebert believes it could be something significant. Marginal Drive, a road that runs along the West River and connects New Haven’s Westville neighborhood to the Allingtown neighborhood in West Haven, is underutilized and has not been recognized for its potential in recent years, Hebert said. Hebert, a West Haven resident involved in cleanup and beautification efforts along West Haven’s shoreline, has been meeting with like-minded people in both New Haven and West Haven for weeks. Her ultimate goal is to lobby the two city governments to work together to revitalize Marginal Drive into a well-lit, properly-maintained trail for jogging, biking and birding..." Click HERE to comment and read full article.

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