September 23, 2019, by Brian Slattery-"The first impression of Brian Flinn’s work may be of humor. Some of his figures have the out-of-proportion features of cartoons, the odd poses, the uneven faces. But there’s detail within the comedy, layers of images on the skins of his subjects. There’s an eye that’s startlingly human. The other eye, upon closer inspection, isn’t an eye at all. The layering makes the skin seem translucent. Or maybe the body is in flux. Take another step back, and the image seems more like a flickering film. Maybe if you turned away and looked back again, it would be a different image entirely. That effect is part of the point for artist Brian Flinn, whose work, under the title “Permutations,” is paired with that of artist Mark K. St. Mary, under the title “Static,” for Kehler Liddell’s latest exhibit, running now through Oct. 13..." 

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