December 13, 2021, by Lucy Gellman- "Wesley Yarbor counted out the steps, crossing one foot one over the other. As he glided across the floor, the chalkboard and empty bookshelves transformed into a dance studio. A stereo sat quiet at the front of the room. “You smooth!” laughed Overton Fletcher as he tried to follow along, stumbled, and caught his balance. Yarbor shook his head. A smile teased at the edges of his mouth until it burst through. “People make dance seem hard,” he said. “Dance is nothing but steps that you put a little spin on.” Yarbor is a teacher at Arts In CT, an education nonprofit that is growing its footprint at the old St. Aedan’s Parish school building in Westville. Since October, Executive Director Barbara Alexander has been working to turn the building’s second floor into a multidisciplinary arts hub she is calling the Westville Performing Arts Center (WPAC). The only problem, she said, is that people don’t seem to know that teachers are there, waiting for students to show up..." Click HERE to comment and read full article.

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