Fundraiser Planned For Recovering Artist

August 22, by Brian Slattery- "New Haven artist and designer Edmund B*Wak Comfort faced a harrowing health crisis in the spring that saw him lose both of his legs below the knee as well as a few of his fingers. Now home from the hospital, he has found family and friends rallying to help him, including a performance from the Regicides improv comedy group this Saturday, Aug. 26 that will double as a fundraiser to help him meet living expenses while he recuperates. "After the incident, I really appreciate being here,” Comfort said. ​“I realize how precious it is, all the things I took for granted. It is amazing that I still get an opportunity to be here.” He thinks of friends and family who have passed. ​“I was on the verge of being one of them,” he said, ​“missing all the beautiful things that life has to offer...”

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