Local Lit Makes A Summer Blizzard

August 9, 2018, by E. A. Mcmullen-"A woman undergoing treatment for cancer strives to connect with her young daughter, even as she seems to be developing a new friendship at her chemo sessions. A middle-aged daughter tries to help her mother, who is suffering from dementia, deal with her impending eviction. A young man going out to buy condoms instead ends up part of the search for a lost car. Three local writers - Jennifer Hudson, Susan Nathiel, and Charles Rafferty - shared these stories with a curious crowd at Lotta Studio on Tuesday at Local Lit at Lotta. The brainchild of Rebecca Fraser, Local Lit is a night of readings from New Haven area writers, coedited and hosted by Fraser and Erin Townsend. The photography studio on Whalley Avenue was transformed Tuesday into an intimate auditorium, with partitions that compartmentalized the house, lectern, and a pair of buffet tables with space for snacking and smaller discussion..." Click HERE to comment and read full article.

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