December 13, 2021, by Jadan Anderson- "Upstairs at West River Arts, a pink, dotted mobile beckoned from the ceiling at UPcycled Mobiles in Studio #206. Varying patterns of light pink and white oval-shaped plastic hung from aluminum wire, feather-like. A black plant crate, formed into the shape of a heart, topped the design. From one angle, the mobile’s backdrop looked like a vinyl record covered window. From another, it revealed shelves and shelves of books. Underneath the pink mobile, painters Don Wunderlee and Michael Angelis chatted with UPcycled Mobiles co-owner David Sepulveda about his work.  They were attendees at Lotta Studio’s annual Anti Mall Shop Small, a one-day event meant to showcase local artists and makers instead of the big box chain stores that sometimes dominate the holiday season. Saturday, small businesses popped up at 903 Whalley Ave. as longtime Westville artists showed off their studios at West River Arts above. It marks Lotta Studio’s expansion on the block, into the former home of Neville Wisdom’s shop and design studio..." Click HERE to comment and read full article.

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