Blighted Scientology Building Returned To Tax Rolls

"Scientologists will have to pay taxes after sitting on plans to resurrect Ron Hubbard’s spirit inside the deteriorating doors of a former furniture store — now that the city revoked the church’s tax-exempt status. Acting City Tax Assessor Alex Pullen informed the Church of Scientology of Connecticut, Inc. in a notice dated Feb. 2 that the organization must pay taxes this coming July on the property at 949 Whalley Ave., which has remained largely tax-exempt for two decades.That’s because, Pullen said, ​“the property is not being used for a tax-exempt purpose.” Built as a Masonic lodge in 1930, the property last served as the home of a Hallock’s furniture store. The Connecticut chapter of the Church of Scientology purchased 949 Whalley Ave. back in 2003 for $1.5 million. The plan was to make the property a New Haven home base for the church and a classroom space for subscribers to study the principles of the religious movement, invented by science fiction writer Ron Hubbard in 1953..." Click HERE to comment and read full article.

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