December 10, 2021, by Maya McFadden-"Fountain Street’s fixers are suggesting that New Haven do the bump to keep the public safer. Bump outs and bike lanes are among the draft recommendations that Boston engineering consultants CDM Smith presented after nearly two years of studying and listening to the public about how to protect all roadway users on Fountain. CDM Smith was hired by the city to study the Westville thoroughfare and lay out in draft form improvements to make vulnerable users like pedestrians and cyclists safer. A draft of those recommendations was presented to the public Wednesday evening during a Zoom-held meeting. (View the presentation here.) CDM Smith analyzed a mile-and-a-half strip of Fountain Street from the intersection with the Route 15 overpass to the opposite end at Whalley Avenue. The study additionally analyzed a part of Whalley Avenue from the Fountain intersection to Harrison Street. This strip of road was included in the study to examine the influences of surrounding traffic onto Fountain Street..." Click HERE to comment and read full article.

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