Don't Show Up to My Establishment

May 10, 2017, by Christopher Peak- "A businesswoman won permission to open a new lounge and eatery in Westville — then heatedly told a neighboring family they don’t have permission to step inside the doors. “Don’t show up to my establishment,” Disha Joy Monsanto, the applicant, snapped at neighborhood activist Thea Buxbaum, who sought to prevent her from winning zoning approval to open her restaurant. “I don’t want you there! You’re not wanted there!” That contentious exchange came after an equally tense hearing before the Board of Zoning Appeals (BZA) on Tuesday night. In the basement public hearing room at 200 Orange St., Westville residents faced off with contradictory opinions about Monsanto’s planned Latin fusion restaurant Monsanto plans with seating for 128 patrons in 2,800 square feet, located within an office complex at 50 Fitch St., itself part of a sunken, 3.6-acre lot extending back from Whalley Avenue. Monsanto said she plans to serve entrees just under $25, host local artists in a gallery and bring evening foot-traffic through the neighborhood..."

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