January 22, 2016, by Lucy Gellman - "Sylvia Heart was rocking it at center stage, squaring a yellow-bustiered chest toward the audience as Pink’s “This Used to Be A Fun House”, came fabulously to life, blaring through the speakers. A trio of evil — but impeccably dressed — clowns danced wildly around the stage, crumbling to the ground at so much as Heart’s elongated, dominant finger. Heart took advantage of the moment, drawing her long fingers before her face as Pink announced a countdown. Nine. Eight. Seven. Six. Five. Heart walked closer to the back of the stage, sinking to hear knees as she crawled in and out from under the dancers’ spread legs. Four. Three. Two. One. Fun. Antonio. Kadeem Devaron Wallace. This came from the final rehearsal for Escapade: An Unusual Experience, a cabaret, dragstravaganza, and “big dance party” organized and directed by Elm City dancer Luis Antonio. The show — which features local performers Kendra Fiercex, Jessy Griz, Sylvia Heart, Kiki Lucia, Kellie Ann Lynch, Tiana Maxim Rose, Kenny Supreme, Radia Rose, and Kadeem Devaron Wallace, and is very much a tribute to the late Sassie Saltimbocca..."

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