Holi Arrives Brightly In Westville

April 25th, 2022, by Al Larriva-Latt- “Check out my hair!” an elementary-school-age girl shouted. She turned her head around to reveal the back of her tangled blonde hair, which was now streaked with colorful powder. Minutes earlier, the siblings Zoë and Lachlan Sheehan-Samuel had helped her color her hair green and purple–her two favorite colors. Now the girl sat in front of the henna artist Jamilah Zebart and requested no less than a dragon, a tree, and a crescent moon design for her right hand. Zebarth, in a tie dye jilbab with a matching plum-colored niqab, was unfazed by the complexity of the request. Last Wednesday afternoon, “Celebrating Holi” drew just over 20 adults, teenagers, and kids to the Mitchell Library in New Haven’s Westville neighborhood. Zebarth, who has been practicing henna professionally for the past 13 years, delivered a brief presentation on the origins, history, and uses of henna, followed by an outdoor activity in which attendees tossed colored powder in celebration of Holi..." Click HERE to comment and read full article.

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