May 19, 2015 Dr. Stanley Jacobs of Westville Family Dental is your neighborhood dentist. WVRA sat down with Dr. Jacobs to talk about their mission to create a friendly, non-aggressive atmosphere for their practice by moving into an arts-oriented neighborhood, hanging local artists’ work, and engaging with the community.

How long have you been in business?  I have been a practicing dentist in the US for six years, and before that I practiced dentistry in India for about 7 years.

What makes your business unique and stand out?  Basically, our customer service. We are very responsive to our customers and their needs; we are not aggressive as far as selling dentistry goes. We treat a variety of conditions like sleep apnea, TMJ, and snoring issues, which isn’t something you’ll find at any dentist. We also offer sedation.

How long have you been in Westville?
Seven months now; we opened in October, 2014.

Why did you choose Westville to locate your business?
I loved the feel of the area. I was actually just driving by one day and I saw the location, and I kind of walked around the area and saw there was a good mix of people.  Walking around I visited the galleries and I went into Kehler Liddell (Gallery) and liked it, and now we are neighbors!

What is your favorite place in Westville? Either Stone Hearth or DaSilva Gallery. What is it that you like about Stone Hearth?  The food and the atmosphere.  I should also mention Lena’s , we order lunch from there all the time and we love the food, so make sure you mention them! I love this place (Westville) because it’s not your typical downtown area, and I didn’t know there were so many events going on with the artists (in the neighborhood). We were excited to participate in the Tree Lighting this past winter, and we have been hanging local artists’ work here (points to paper sculptures hanging on the walls). I feel like we picked a cool place.

Westville Family Dental is a full-service dental practice located in a state-of-the-art dental facility at 881 Whalley Avenue.  They accept over a dozen kinds of insurance, including Husky, and offer a range of payment options. Go to  for more information or call 203-691-5389.