Patches, pins and other favorites at Strange Ways in New Haven’s Westville

November 8, 2015 - "Across the street from one of the sock-wearing trees in the Westville area of Whalley Avenue, Strange Ways, open Thursday through Sunday, is one of the latest small businesses to make its home in the neighborhood. The eclectic store’s best selling items are patches and pins. Before he came to the city a year ago, Strange Ways owner Alex Dakoulas, a native of New Hampshire, recently spent 10 years in Boston cultivating his eye for design and fashion while working for companies such as Converse and Puma.As he planned to open the shop, Dakoulas had already started building an online presence. He began working with Project Storefronts to start a pop-up shop in the area to test the waters of the local market. Dakoulas speaks highly of his experience working with Project Storefronts, saying the program did everything he requested to help him acclimate. Now, the store that once began as a pop-up is happy to be playing host to in-store pop-up shops focused on the resurgence of VHS movies and collaborating with nearby Lyric Hall to set up readings with a widely recognized podcast host. Lyric Hall is a theater venue for music and other events. Dance Party Massacre was a clothing line Dakoulas started while he was working for other companies in Boston. Dakoulas gives this venture into fashion credit for being a catalyst to the development of Strange Ways. “I like things that don’t happen anymore.” Dakoulas said, referring to his interest in VHS horror movies and retro candy, both of which he sells in his shop. "I feel like I’m much better at reviving old stuff than trying to hop on trends like big corporations. I can’t compete with that,” he said..." Click HERE for the full article and to comment.

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