Sara Hope Hill, All Strings Attached

June 5, 2018, by Leah Andelsmith- "Sara Hope Hill stepped out onto the worn floorboards of Lyric Hall’s front room. Behind her, a miniature stage fashioned from old chair legs and a sturdy work table held eerily intriguing puppets with elongated fingers and bare ceramic faces. “I’d like to welcome you,” she said to the audience, “to shake the mundane and the ordinary, to reach inside the pit of your gut and ask yourself what makes you extraordinary.” Last Saturday, New Haven puppeteer and self-described outsider artist Sara Hope Hill debuted her latest puppet show, Cooper’s Escape for the Great Circus, at Lyric Hall in Westville for two intimate and appreciative audiences. Listening to Hill’s prologue, I was reminded of a skillful teacher starting class, preparing minds for the lesson to come. She welcomed the audience into her ethereal world, setting the scene for a mythical journey to find life’s purpose..."


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