April 8, 2015 The New Haven Independent, by Allan Appel -"Constance LaPalombara has painted hundreds of cityscapes of New Haven, and not a single human being is any of them. Sometimes New Haven is not even recognizable in them. While Mitchell Drive, East Rock, the Star Supply Building on Upper State Street, the city’s profile from Lighthouse Point, and many other Elm City locales and landmarks remain easily recognizable, that’s not what the paintings are about. That’s because her true subject is light. In Place, a new show of her works at Westville’s DaSilva Gallery, it plays a focal role: Beyond the local geography, she would dearly like viewers to see the light. There are 24 mostly small-scale oils on canvas that LaPolambara (pictured below) has executed either from her Willow Street studio, on location around town, or,en plein air. The works are often also based on color studies, drawings, or visual research she has made during brief visits, on foot or from her car. Sometimes there is also a photograph involved..."

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