Third Crash Prompts Call For Traffic-Calming

September 23, 2015, The New Haven independent, by Markeshia Ricks -  "Westville neighbors living near the intersection of Chapel Street and Central Avenue were awakened in the wee hours of the morning not by an alarm, but the sound of a driver crashing into cars parked along the street. The crash happened at about 1 a.m. this past Thursday, according to Westville District Manger Sgt. Renee Dominguez. The driver was on Chapel Street approaching West Rock Avenue when he struck two parked cars in his lane. The driver struck the cars with such force that one car was pushed up onto the sidewalk facing the opposite direction. The other had one of its mirrors taken off. The noise of the crash, particularly the incessant blaring of the driver’s car horn, brought neighbors like Kristin Nowak and John Jessen out to see what had happened. “It was blaring for at least 30 minutes,” Jessen said of the horn. The driver was visibly drunk, Jessen said. The driver was charged with driving while under the influence, according to Dominguez.Since then neighbors have been left to pick up the leftover debris and wonder what can be done to get driver’s to slow down in their neighborhood..."

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