Two Artists Find The Light At Mitchel

August 19, 2022, by Abiba Biao- "A Black man reclines on his lawn chair, soaking in the warm vibes on the beach. Wearing a white bucket hat and some shades, he’s equipped to handle the sun toasting the sand around him.  He’s on a mission—and nothing will distract him from the next chapters of his novel.   Artist Larry Morse tells that story in his series Black Men Reading, now on view alongside the work of Jane Gilman Fleischner at the Mitchell Branch Library in Westville. Last Saturday, the two appeared together to speak on their joint show, titled “In Need of More Light.” Over 20 people attended, cramming into the gallery space to listen to the artists.   The show runs through August 30. At an opening reception, artists left time for people to look closely at the art before a 30-minute question-and-answer session..."

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