A walk down memory lane with album, book cover graphic designer George Corsillo

"People of a certain age probably have art by George Corsillo in their homes — a copy of Larry McMurtry’s “Lonesome Dove,” Bret Easton Ellis’ “Less Than Zero” or Bob Woodward’s “Wired.” Or perhaps an album by Pat Benatar, Luther Vandross or John Mellencamp. Maybe a Doonesbury calendar or a six-pack of East Rock beer. Corsillo, a veteran graphic designer with myriad album and book covers to his credit, as well as a long collaboration with “Doonesbury” creator Garry Trudeau, is showing a retrospective of his work at Kehler Liddell Gallery in New Haven. The show is a nice walk down memory lane. Beyond nostalgia, the show reveals how groundbreaking many of his designs were when he started his career in the ’70s and ’80s..." Click HERE to comment and read full article.

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