In Westville, An Artist Unpacks "The Waste Land"

March 7, 2022, by Al Larriva-Latt- "In the far side of the programming room of the Mitchell Branch Library hangs a collage of images ensconced in text. Words wrap around the images, swaddling them on all sides. The illustrations anchor the collage. A ballerina is suspended in arabesque, her front arm outstretched toward the center of the canvas. A classically ornate throne lies beneath the ballerina, and upon the throne sits a rat skull. At the throne’s feet, six white chess pieces splay on their sides, defeated. Only the white king piece remains upright. Magdalena Fin’s surrealist collage The Game of Chess depicts the second section of T.S. Eliot’s five-part poem “The Waste Land.” It hangs with 10 other collages in her exhibition, The Waste Land: A Visual Journey Inspired By The Writings Of T.S. Eliot, on view at the 37 Harrison St. branch of the New Haven Free Public Library for all of March. The project is a result of Fin’s lifelong love of libraries and the books within them. For the past years, Fin has been using illustration as a tool to comprehend complex texts. Illustration has become a means for deeper engagement with literature...." Click HERE to comment and read full article.

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