Wednesday | January 20, 2016

2016 Preservation of Place Grant Winners Announced  (Hartford, CT - January 14, 2016) - 

Wednesday | November 25, 2015

[New Haven Independent, by David Sepulveda - written by David Sepulveda]
Socializinng at Manjares

Sitting at a quiet table in Westville’s Manjares Cafe, architect Eric Epstein found the perfect prescription for his long day of demolition work and fierce hunger in a hearty bowl of sancocho moca — a corn on the cob stew of plantain, yucca, chicken, beef, pork, and mixed vegetables, into which he toppled a scoop of fluffy white rice.

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[New Haven Independent, by Lucy Gellman - written by Lucy Gellman]
Neville in his Westville Studio

November 18, 2015 - Neville Wisdom had done it hundreds of times, the steps running on loop through his head. A clean cut through skin and muscle would expose the skull. Four tiny burr holes would come next, helping to create a white window of bone. Working together the two would isolate the bulging, bobbing aneurysm, a ticking time bomb.

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Tuesday | May 26, 2015

[New Haven Independent - written by Markeshia Ricks]

"Friends of Lyric Hall lifted their bid paddles and their forks to raise some cash for the restored century-old former Vaudeville theater. More than 150 people packed the hall for a benefit Thursday night that included a silent auction, live auction, food and music. The Westville cultural gathering place fell behind on property taxes."

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Former Westville Wines location

The state rejected Roshan Patel’s efforts to sell booze in the Annex neighborhood, not because of all the complaints from neighbors—but because New Haven had reached a little-known state-calculated limit for the number of liquor stores allowed within its boundaries. Meanwhile, across town, a Westville Village landlord who beat Patel out for the last permit (by one day) has since seen her own plans dashed, and may end up opening her liquor store instead ... over in the Annex. The two neighborhood liquor-store dramas came to a head in recent weeks.

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